About Us


To help deliver complete buildings that provide high value and performance for the end users; by combining our experience, technical knowledge, and leadership with technology and a collaborative customer decision-making process.


Relentless pursuit of complete project success for our clients through consistency, creativity, technical expertise, and quality customer service.


Combining professional integrity with leadership and commitment to excellence.


Kramer CS, LLC. was originally founded by Chris Kramer in 2013 to serve the design, construction, and property ownership communities as an exterior building envelope consulting company. In 2013, Chris also founded a construction document (architectural specifications) business group known as KCSdocs, and in 2018 KCSdocs merged its business activities with Kramer CS.

Chris began writing project specifications early in his career in architecture and continued writing specialized division 7 specifications as his career evolved. In 2013, he again began writing complete project manuals for select clients under the KCSdocs business group. The service was intended to be complimentary to the overall Kramer CS consulting business, however the volume of this business segment immediately became the dominant service segment within the overall organization.

At the end of 2017, Kramer CS began to offer specification consulting to a select group of clients. In the summer of 2018, a casual meeting with long time architectural specification consulting friends inspired the complete transition of Kramer CS from building envelope to specifications consulting and so began the process to combine the KCSdocs specification consulting business group with Kramer CS.

Merging the two business groups was the result of the continuous growth of our specification consulting business since its inception as KCSdocs, and the opportunity that specification consulting has always presented for proactive collaboration in the design and construction processes.

Kramer CS remains committed to the design, construction, and property ownership communities. Our primary focus has never changed even as the demand for specific services has. We continue to be driven by a passion to fill collaborative voids that exist in the construction industry to help ensure complete project success for our clients.