Chris J. Kramer

Chris Kramer has enjoyed a more than thirty year career in the construction industry working on a very broad variety of construction projects in an equally broad variety of positions.

After spending many years working alongside numerous committed and talented design, construction, property owner and property management professionals, Chris founded this company with a passion to fill collaborative voids that occur in the design and construction processes.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" -- Henry Ford

Professional Background

Chris Kramer's professional background includes experience in key construction industry disciplines which parallels constant continuing education. This expertise provides an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each professional involved in a construction project; owner, architect, general contractor, construction manager, program manager, subcontractors, manufacturers, distributors, and other consultants.

Experience Summary

Construction Delay Analysis & Critical Path Planning

Analysis of the complete construction process to identify each delay that occurred during construction and its cause and effect on project delivery; for use in construction claims and litigation. Planning each step of the process needed to complete a construction project from start to finish, by the required deadline; culminating in a critical path style construction schedule. Project values reached $100+ million.


Developed contract documents for a variety of commercial and residential construction projects such as public schools, libraries, low-income housing, health care facilities, post offices, athletic facilities, ADA compliance surveys, private residences and more. Experience includes planning, detailing and specifying every aspect of a building from the schematic design phase through a completed, fully constructed project. Project values reached as high as $15+ million.

Product Manufacturing

Performed in a variety of technical, sales, and management roles for many industry leading building envelope product manufacturers. Working in every level of these organizations, from local to regional and national; to develop, implement and execute management, sales and technical strategies, along with short and long term strategic planning. Experience includes working with a broad range of construction industry professionals on projects ranging from nuclear plants, manufacturing facilities, schools, colleges and universities, health care facilities, historic landmarks, a variety of governmental projects, and more.

Building Envelope Consulting

Providing construction consulting services drawn from a broad range of expertise in the construction industry with particular emphasis on roofing, waterproofing, and exterior walls; the building envelope. Serving a variety of customers including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners. Experience includes below grade waterproofing, low and steep slope roofing systems, sealants, curtainwall systems, and a variety of other exterior envelope assemblies.

Specification Consulting

Chris began writing project specifications early in his career in architecture and continued writing specialized division 7 specifications as his career path evolved. In 2013, he again began writing complete project manuals for select clients under the KCSdocs business group. In 2018, the specification consulting business group merged with Kramer Construction Science as the dominant and primary consulting service offered. Visit the About page for additional information.

Construction project manuals form the core of a construction project, connecting the architects design with owner requirements and installers in the field. Specifications are among the very first and most influential proactive steps available for use in the design and construction process. Our passion for collaboration, coordination, value, and performance is significantly embodied by the specification writing process. It is our pleasure to relentlessly pursue success in that process.